Like all the great artisan stories, boundless passion and creativity are at the heart of every Giansante Gioielli piece, each of which are able to spark a unique emotion, depending on who wears it. It evokes a tale of elegance and refinement enhancing the different characteristics of femininity, from charm to lightness, elegance to strength.



A full catalog of the hand-crafted artisan jewelry designed and constructed by our expert team of jewelers.


Our Process

Everything comes from the imagination, forming a mental image, which we translate into an art piece for you to wear. We imagine both the form and movement of the piece to create the look of a living jewel. Through this practice we bring any outfit to vibrant life.


GIANSANTE GIOIELLI has carried out a due diligence towards its relevant business partners in order to verify any deviation from the OECD guidelines and furthermore no human rights risks have been detected. The transactions considered are low risk and the checks carried out comply with the RJC principles.