Gold, the Metal Of the Stars

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Gold has been known and highly appreciated by man since prehistoric times. It was most likely the first metal ever used by the human species (before copper) for the manufacture of ornaments, jewelry and ritual objects.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this precious metal is its origin.

Contrary to popular belief, gold does not come from this planet, but from the stars.

Gold is formed in the universe, following the explosion of a supernova where temperatures can be reached so high that the chemical aggregates to form the precious metal.

Since ancient times, gold has been attributed to magical powers – in ancient Egypt, it was one of the elements at the origin of the divinization of the pharaoh.

Maschera di Agamennone, XVI secolo a.C.

An interesting reflection by Mircea Eliade in her book “Metal Arts and Alchemy” states that gold does not belong to the mythology of Homo Faber but is a creation of Homo Religiosus; this metal began to take on value for reasons of an essentially symbolic and religious nature and not purely practical, as it could not be used as a tool or as a weapon.

The value of gold spans centuries. We find it mentioned in the Bible, and it was used by the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks.

Gold has an ornamental but also a monetary function, as a sign of value. It seems that the first gold coin dates back to the second millennium. Gold coins were in circulation in some Greek cities in the 7th century.

The colors of gold

Currently, there are different colors for gold, and this is due to the chemical composition.

In fact, gold is too soft to be used alone. So it’s used with copper, silver and bronze alloys.

The most popular colors in addition to the classic yellow gold are white gold, pink gold, and burnished gold.

The colors of gold vary depending on the metals and how much of the precious yellow metal they’re combined with, to create jewels. The combination of gold and the various metals makes up a gold alloy whose color and combination is decided according to the needs of the object or the requests of those who want to buy gold of other colors and order a personalized jewel.

Gold is not affected by either air or by most chemical reagents. Its high chemical inertness has always made it an ideal material for minting coins and producing ornaments and jewels.

The role of Italy in gold processing

Italy has been the largest gold processor in the world since 1998. Valenza, where the Giansante brand is based, is one of the world capitals of high jewelry. The goldsmith tradition of Valenza is shown every day by Giansante, who creates masterpieces using this precious metal with care, skill and precision.

From the stars to the most elegant hands, the history of gold fascinates us, a religious and spiritual metal, which knows how to preserve in addition to an emotional value, an economic value over time.

The art of gold working finds its highest expression in Giansante.

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