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Giansante Lands in Milan in the Fashion District

Cravatta d'oro

A real work of art, created in a precious gold fabric, entirely sewn by hand, which at its center depicts the Door to the Afterlife, born from the collaboration with the master Gabriele Maquignaz.

This is the DNA of the “Pharaoh’s Tie”, the authentic masterpiece of Made in Italy, created by Marcello Giansante, patron of Giansante Gioielli, as well as a master of high jewelry of the Valenza goldsmith tradition and one of the major European platinum professionals. Not surprisingly, last February, a visionary entrepreneur like Flavio Briatore, seeing his creations during an event in Monte Carlo, called him “brilliant”.

A perfect masterpiece that combines haute couture with the eternal charm of gold, which cannot be missing in the wardrobe of a modern and international gentleman, and which, from early November, can be admired and purchased in Milan, in the brand new “Tempini 1921 La Boutique ”, a real laboratory of ideas and creativity, on the corner with via Manzoni, in the heart of the fashion district.

A fabric, that of the tie, truly unique in the world: it is in fact made entirely by hand and to make it, a person can produce a maximum of 8 centimeters per day. Being a true work of art, “The Pharaoh’s tie” is exhibited in the most exclusive locations in Europe, such as, for example, in the Principality of Monaco, where the internationalization process of the Giansante Gioielli brand started last year. .

But how did the collaboration with the artist Gabriele Maquignaz start?

“I met Maestro Maquignaz during one of my events last January in Monte Carlo, during which I presented the new collection of the “Jewels in movement”, says Marcello Giansante and, since he is a painter and sculptor of a truly unique inventiveness and creativity, we immediately got in tune and decided to collaborate, focusing on a new concept of aesthetics and inventiveness.
The production has now expanded to a new exclusive line, branded Giansante, “Golden Texture Luxury”: accessories, such as masks, bow ties, clutches, cuffs, scarves … strictly in the magical gold fabric, perfect for an essential and exclusive elegance.