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Marcello Giansante – The New Borders of High Jewelery

Each person carries within himself an experience, a stratification of meanings, an emotional universe.

The artist has the ability not only to listen, but also to bring to fruition, to give shape and expression to an inner world.

Vision and inspiration are the elements that guide the goldsmith master Marcello Giansante in the creation of his high jewelry masterpieces.

Every creation by Marcello Giansante is born from a vision, to make the jewel a living creation, in motion, as in motion are the emotions that run through us in every moment of life.

Marcello Giansante’s works are “impossible jewels”, aesthetic machines, where audacity, beauty and technical perfection push themselves to the limit of their possibilities.

Each jewel is a challenge with the material, with gold, platinum, precious gems, with the maniacal search for the perfect movement that gives life to these masterpieces.

It is the Master’s vision, the soul of every Giansante jewel, a piece of history, where the highest goldsmith tradition finds expression, where the inspiration and the purest feelings of the human soul become creations of rare perfection that know how to add to the world , some more beauty.

The world of high jewelery has its own rules, a great artist is the one who, while perfectly knowing the given rules, is able to create new ones.

Each Giansante jewel creates new rules in the world of the possible, to inspire people to the beauty, technical perfection and audacity that distinguish each masterpiece.

Marcello Giansante’s jewels are precious and rare works of art, which know how to instill value in the wearer and which push the goldsmith’s art beyond its known borders.