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When Art Meets Infinity. The Pharaoh’s Tie

The Giansante Gioielli Collections are unique works created by the most exclusive craftsmanship. Marcello Giansante has been able over the years to push the goldsmith’s art to levels of absolute perfection. And as in any artist, the search for beauty and new aesthetic territories push creativity beyond its limits. This is the artist’s mission.

A collaboration between the artist Gabriele Maquignaz and the goldsmith master Marcello Giansante has given life to a timeless work, The Pharaoh’s Tie.

The Pharaoh’s tie is the result of haute couture combined with the best goldsmith’s art, a tie in pure gold fabric, a symbol of light, beauty and strength.
A spiritual work that represents in the center the Door to the Afterlife designed by the artist Gabriele Maquignaz.

Gold, the best tailoring, creativity come together in this timeless object, made up of material and spirituality.
An eternal work, as the pharaohs wished to be, as is the afterlife, as is the most authentic beauty.