The birth of a dream

The story of Marcello Giansante passes from a long experience in mechanics, from which he draws inspiration for his jewels in motion.

To deeply understand the exclusivity of the Giansante Gioielli manufacture, we report an extract from a private writing by Marcello Giansante in which he recounts how he achieved excellence in the world of high jewelery.

I’m Marcello Giansante, creator of the Giansante Gioielli brand. I was born in Brindisi at the end of the 1950s, when I was very young I moved with my family to Valenza where I grew up and spent my youth.

After school I decided to continue my studies by attending a professional training school to become a mechanic. Not satisfied with the teachings I was receiving, after a few months I decided to leave school and start working in a mechanical workshop.

Thus I embarked on a career as a mechanic that I will carry on for about 7 years. My career as a mechanic has to be interrupted due to an allergy to the hands caused by the greases and lubricants used in the workshop, this leads me to decide what to do in life since my job as a mechanic must finish there.

I am in Valenza, the world capital of goldsmiths and of the greatest goldsmiths, I decide almost as a “forced” choice to become a goldsmith, going from a good salary as a mechanic to no salary as a goldsmith.

I start by working non-noble metals to start practicing in this work, already after just over 1 year I was proposed to work gold and silver but I preferred to continue working non-noble metals to increase my practice and therefore become more and more professional in this field.

This choice of mine was of great help to me because in a short time I became an excellent goldsmith modeler. Up to that moment I had learned several goldsmith techniques and therefore I decided to dive into self-employment. I started in a small workshop of about 30 square meters by myself making models for goldsmith companies in Valenza.

Soon the job demands increase to the point of needing to take up a larger space. I moved to my father-in-law’s company who gave me a space within his company where he made heart valves, a high-precision processing and for a certain period I contributed to the production by learning to work with very high precision. It was the early 90s, I quickly became an expert in the processing of platinum, a material that requires a very high level of attention and care.

During that time I spent a lot of my time, including nights, to experiment to improve the quality of the platinum jewel. My business was growing rapidly and I started hiring first 1 person then 2 then 3 until I had to move from there too because there was no longer enough space.

I moved to a larger workshop where I started creating productions for the big names in high jewelery. They were years of great expansion until 2001, when with the tragedy of the twin towers the work suffered a sudden collapse, I had many employees to think about, costs to cope with, a family, a house and I didn’t know how to succeed to get out of it.

At that time I wanted to persist and in 2007 at the very beginning of the great crisis and when everyone was closing their doors I decided to buy the premises for a new laboratory.

I had full confidence in my abilities and challenging the great difficulty of that moment, in which everyone was trying to save money by providing poor service, while I was creating great quality and precision, establishing myself as one of the few experts in the world in the processing of platinum, such a precious metal. how particularly difficult to work at high levels, something known to the greatest jewelers in the world.

This skill of mine, the result of the great sacrifices of the past years, has led me to have great requests for platinum workings from the biggest names. I was proud of what I had achieved, I worked for the biggest names in high jewelery in the world but … I was not satisfied.

At that time all the greatest jewelers were convinced that there was nothing new to be created in jewelry.

I, on the other hand, felt that it was not like that, I felt that I was missing something, I was experiencing a sort of existential crisis.

I lacked personal satisfaction, I lacked creativity.

While making great jewels for others, I felt that I could give much more, I felt that I wanted and had to communicate my art. From that moment I made the decision that led me to this day, at that very moment I decided that I would begin to make known my creations that I had kept in a safe for many years.

I decided to make my dream come true: creating jewels in motion.

Ad Personam,
the exclusive service

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