Diamonds, Beauty From the Depths Of the Earth

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Origin of diamonds

The earth is an inexhaustible source of wonders. We can find animal species, rocks, and minerals. Sometimes over the course of history, man has discovered materials of rare beauty on its surface, to which he has attributed power, strength and prestige. Diamonds are probably the most desired and rare object on earth.

But how does this precious mineral originate?

Diamonds originate in the depths of the earth, where the conditions of very high pressure necessary for their formation exist.

One of the most interesting aspects of the diamond is that it is the result of very high pressures in the depths of the earth that transforms a dark and opaque element such as carbon into the pure beauty of the diamond. This is also part of its magic nature.

The first findings

Diamonds were initially mined and used in India, where they were used in religious imagery and it’s likely that they were known and considered precious as early as 6,000 years ago.

Buddhist works from the 4th century BC onwards describe the diamond as a well-known and precious stone.

Until the eighteenth-century, diamonds came exclusively from India or Borneo. The first diamonds of South America were found in 1725 in Brazil. Diamonds were also discovered in 1867 in South Africa, which became the main world center for the production of this precious gem.

How to choose a diamond – the 4 C’s

Diamond is a precious mineral worked by nature in the womb of the earth and perfected by man to obtain the maximum brilliance.

Diamond processing requires great skill and experience, but what are the factors by which diamonds can be evaluated?

Diamonds are evaluated by observing the “4 Cs” – the initials of the four English terms that represent: carat (carat, ie weight), color (color), clarity (purity) and cut (cut).

Carat, the weight

When you hear about diamond carats, sometimes the less experienced can confuse diamond karats with gold karats. Carat is a unit of weight equivalent to 0.2 grams and is the way to measure the size of a diamond.

Karato, on the other hand, refers to the percentage of pure gold present in the metal alloy of an object.


The diamond is the only gem in which the absence of color determines its value: the most valuable diamonds are the totally colorless ones, commonly referred to as “white”. Colorless diamonds correspond only to a small percentage of those mined and therefore their price is higher.


The formation of diamonds occurs at very high temperatures and pressures in the depth of the earth’s crust. Tiny mineral crystals often get trapped in the diamond during its crystallization. The presence of these minerals determines the degree of purity of the diamond.


The secret of a diamond’s beauty lies in the interaction between stone and light.

Although the first 3Cs are related to the natural world, in the fourth, the hand of man is fundamental.

Man intervenes in the precious gem by creating cuts that amplify the brilliance, the combination of reflections of white light that spring from the surface and from the inside of the diamond.

The origin of the engagement ring

The tradition of giving your fiancée a gold ring with a diamond was inaugurated by Emperor Maximilian of Habsburg, who first gave it to his betrothed Mary of Burgundy in 1477. The ring with the diamond, without the facet called “a brilliant” (which would only be invented and realized much later), is clearly seen in the portrait of Mary painted by the ‘Master of Mary of Burgundy’.

Diamonds in the Giansante collections

Giansante creates high jewelry creations using the most precious materials like platinum, gold, and diamonds to create timeless emotions.

In the Giansante collections, the diamond plays the leading role; in the Onde collection, the purity of the diamond finds its maximum expression and brilliance by remaining suspended between two platinum embraces. The result is a nature-like masterpiece that culminates in a unique stone that can be customized according to your wishes and emotions.

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